Project Overview

We follow a tried and true yet flexible process when working with our clients to complete their projects. We offer free estimates to the areas around Charlotte and Rock Hill, but a travel fee may be assessed to locations outside our primary radius of service, which can be applied to your account should you choose to use our services.
Contact us with the details of your project, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the design and estimation step, templating, our fabrication process, and finally the installation and ongoing care of your new stone feature.

Hot Topics

Clients are especially concerned about a few things on the kinds of projects we do but seams and pricing are always hot topics. We always compare our prices to the industry and keep them competitive. And while price isn’t affected by seams, we try to keep them to a minimum. Of the seams that a project demands, our tools and process allow us to keep them nearly invisible. In the design and estimation phase, or in the templating process, we will work with you to place seams in the most inconspicuous and optimal places to maintain the integrity of the material.

We work with you.

We often work with our clients, using the designers and contractors that they’ve already chosen to handle their project, but we’re also comfortable working directly with the owner or helping him find a great designer or contractor to really tackle a job.

Design and Estimation

Choosing the product and design are the hardest and most important elements of successfully finishing a project. Finding the perfect material, color, options, and design actually are the hardest parts of the project. That might be a little surprising, but then it’s important to get this right or you’ll be unhappy with your finished product, and while stone isn’t permanent, it will last for a very long time. Take your time; find a good design; see if it will work within your space; see if you can use that product or design in other parts of the house. Remember that it will save you plenty of time and money to plan for doing all of your upgrades at once or to plan out the design for additional features for doing upgrades now and thinking about a convenient timeline for putting that plan in place.

Contact us for a free estimate and for advice on putting your design plan together.


We come to your place to template the design. This means that our professionals need to schedule a convenient time to come and take precise measurements of your project.
Accurate measurements mean that our team is dependent upon you to have the site ready to be templated eg. have any cabinets set in the proper place.


We fabricate all of our own materials for our jobs except in the very rare case where we work with one of our partners to better serve your needs. This means that you will be in contact with our professionals who actually fabricate the stone feature or work closely with our craftsmen in the process. All of the members of R&L have extensive experience in the fabrication process so they’re familiar with what works and what doesn’t.

This expertise allows us to turn jobs around quickly and professionally or just fit our schedule to yours. We use a combination of older and newer techniques and the latest machinery to produce a quality product each and every time.

Installation and Care


Usually the installation time and day is established around the time the template is done so you’ll be able to plan for our team. You will be contacted in advance to confirm.

Work Area

It’s always helpful to prepare the work area ahead of time so that our team can finish your installation as quickly as possible.

What about Existing Countertops?

We are happy to remove old countertops and take them with us when we leave. There may be a small charge for removal and disposal of old material.

Finishing the Job

The average installation takes about four hours, and we always seal the material (if applicable) before we leave. Stone will last a lifetime, but there are some general tips and recommendations we have for caring for your new stone feature.