R&L Stone and Marble uses only the finest stone products including the granite and marble as well as other natural stone products. The classic beauty of natural stone offers a beautiful addition to any kitchen or bath, bar, fireplace, or vanity. Granite is the most frequently used material for upgrading a kitchen, bath or other surface. Granite compares well to most other natural stone options in that it is extremely hard, and robust as well as beautiful. Because of its harness and resistance to scratches and cracks, granite makes a great option for kitchen countertops, and because of its beauty and classic looks, it can be used throughout the house where a more traditional look of marble may have been used in times past. Marble does not have quite the robustness of granite, but it’s still quite easy to maintain and its nostalgic, classic appearance may offer the best choice for matching the existing surfaces in older home renovations. Granite and marble rightfully enjoy their positions as the most popular natural stone products and therefore come with the convenience of the most options in styles and colors, but there are several other choices available to the renovator, builder, designer, or do-it-yourselfer including beautiful products like quartzite, travertine, slate, and limestone.


Engineered stone products are do not quite have the same classic look that natural materials have, but they have a number of desirable traits. Engineered stone is not porous like natural stone so it’s easier to clean and maintain. They can be cleaned with household cleaners and don’t need to be sealed, but engineered stone is very hard and resistant to scratching and heat damage. Most of the material is real stone quartz product with a small percentage of polymer. The choices and options in colors, polishes, and styles are nearly limitless, and many manufacturers offer similar products.