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Granite has an extensive history

Granite has been extensively used as a dimension stone and as flooring tiles in public and commercial buildings and monuments for centuries; its natural beauty and resilience make it a natural for attractive design elements in the modern kitchen or bath.

Harder and slightly more durable, granite doesn’t quite enjoy the classic good looks of marble, but granite is widely used to beautify and upgrade all sorts of home improvement projects.

Marble’s beauty is timeless

White marble has been prized for its use in sculptures since classical times.
As the favorite medium for Greek and Roman sculptors and architects, marble has become a cultural symbol of tradition and refined taste.

Marble is an exceptional material that derives much of its allure from the the association with the classical uses in art and building mentioned above. It’s because of this familiarity and brilliance, especially when polished, that make it an ideal material for use in traditional projects, transitional designs, and renovations.

Other Natural Stone Products

There are plenty of other natural stone products that are available for consideration
when developing your design, which include quartzite, limestone, soapstone, and others.